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Lee Dawson

Lee has been a student & practitioner of martial arts for over three decade’s. He holds a 3rd degree black belt in the MUGENDO SYSTEM which came out in the seventies and was developed by Sensie Suzuki. It’s very different to the usual static karate, free moving and in competition was called free style karate which pretty much looks like kickboxing in todays arena.

After Lee reached master instructor he added more.. boxing, Thai style elbows & much more . This led him to change his martial art club name to HYBRID KARATE.

As a student you can spend years learning skills or techniques that you will never use, so I took out the things you don’t need & added more of the things you do need.

Over three decades of knowledge is going to be passed to you through these easy to follow courses.

In an uncertain future, now is the time to take control of your physical health & survival abilities.

Our team of experts will bring the best in martial arts & mental fitness training to you – where ever in the world you may be. Tried and tested techniques that will give you that extra edge you need.

We’ll guide you through our fun, concise courses with online support via live webinar Q&A’s to give advice and help you get to where you need to be.

The dedication is in your hands, but we know that if you follow our advice the results will be phenomenal.

David G Mahony

I have often been asked  “How did you gather all this knowledge and training?” It’s been a slow ongoing program that started very early in life for me.

My father was ex British Army believe it or not, he never said much about his Intelligence experiences until I was old enough to understand. He was trained in Jungle Guerilla Warfare in Burma and later attached to a very high-ranking General based in Singapore in the 1950´s operating to disband the rebels fighting for independence.

My father taught many things slowly over the years we spent together, It was just him and me for many vital early teenage years.

The integration technics the Police commonly use was first. He taught how to spot a lie. How to speak to the police but not tell actually them anything. He taught me conversation and negotiation techniques. He taught me many things which have morphed into a more updated version for me over the years, and have served me loyally. I mastered local accents and foreign languages to blend in, to be accepted, to not be noticed.  I’ve used these techniques and modernised them with easy to remember phycological methods to achieve goals and solve problems many, many times.

Without these skills I would never have had so many amazing experiences and survived to tell the tale today! I’ve worked all over South America, Europe, Africa and the USA. Even beating the famous USA Intelligence immigration systems for years to come and go as I pleased.”




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